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Asset Finance For Your Business

AJP finance and Leasing can provide the knowledge and expertise to achieve business growth. We offer finance across a wide range of assets across a huge range of sectors.

By providing the appropriate funding option that suits your business

Asset Finance Explained

Asset finance is a flexible approach to financing vital business equipment, machinery, computers, vehicles, and many other tools that can help your business grow. With a small payment upfront, and easy-to-manage payments on a regular basis, financing business assets can be a simple, cash-flow friendly solution .

Our aim is to provide you with the asset finance solution that is most cost effective, helping your business to reach its full potential.

Commercial asset finance provides businesses across the UK with the unique opportunity to invest in essential business equipment, while still protecting cash flow and taking advantage of spreading the cost of expenditure over a longer period of time. Re-financing your old equipment can also be organised so that you benefit from the release of the cash value of your existing assets.

What Are The Benefits Of Asset Finance?

Here’s why working with AJP Finance & Leasing could help your business:

It’s sustainable. Asset finance provides you with a regular payment plan that minimises impact on your working capital and cash flow.

It’s flexible. Asset finance covers a broad spectrum of financing and re-financing options that can be chosen according to your particular requirements.

It adds value. Where the cost of buying assets outright may be unachievable and affect the efficiency of your business. New assets and equipment can speed up processes and business efficiency.

Why work with an asset finance provider?

With years of experience supporting businesses across the UK, AJP provides a dedicated service to all its customers, whatever sector they specialise in.

When it comes to asset finance, our team are here to offer you the support required to organise, set up and manage your finance agreement. As experts in corporate asset finance, we also pride ourselves on understanding your sector, whether that’s farming, renewable energy, plant and machinery or healthcare. Our specialists have years of experience, enabling us to make the right recommendations to get the most from your asset finance solution.

Types of Business Assets We Fund

Manufacturing Equipment
Research Equipment
Plant and Equipment
Computer Equipment


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